Most African University education curriculum isn’t equipped with the requirements to facilitate growth in the digital age of the 4th industrial revolution. The graduates are pushed into an ecosystem they barely recognize after years within the walls of the institution of learning. The 4th industrial revolution technologies comprise Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain technology, Big data analytics, the Internet of Things, and so on. An average graduate of an African University has barely heard about any of these technologies. This creates a threatened future, limiting our ability to scale in a fast-growing space and increasing our dependence on other nations.


The Future of Tech lies in synergy of existing 4IR technologies and not in isolated solutions. Hackathon Africa provides the basis for University students among others to learn about Blockchain technology and the Internet of things as applicable to their various departments. It encourages them to come up with viable ideas with project design and pitch for a minimum viable product to be reviewed by judges and guided by the tech team on implementation.