A Continuing Technical Education (CTE) for Blockchain Professionals.
International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals (ICORBP), the Continuing Technical Education (CTE) aims at developing relevant skills; applying best practices; maintaining quality & standards; and enhancing vital competencies.


According to the latest survey by Gartner in 2020, blockchain-enabled applications will deliver $3.1 trillion dollars in value by 2030. As the blockchain economy and ecosystem expand in the next 10 years, the blockchain industry will be needing specialists, developers, and professionals in the space, all over the world. This looming demand must be addressed to mainstream adoption and continued development among industry leaders, technology entrepreneurs, business innovators and professionals.


We believed that as early innovators and adapters in Blockchain Studies, professionalization and standardization is needed to produce qualified professionals. The Blockchain Education sector should respond by offering courses that will prepare the workforce in the institutional shift from centralized oriented to decentralized oriented framework of doing and thinking. This can be best observed the way we develop software to the manner we deliver government services.