Upcoming Hackathons

Theme: Tanzania, A Blockchain series of Events in the United Republic of Tanzania.  

Host: Africa BIoT Labs, Tanzania. 


Commencement Date: 25th January 2023


Purpose:  Creating a sustainable ecosystem for blockchain technology in the United Republic of Tanzania starting with 7 major universities etc.


Project/Initiative Description:

Sequel to the successful signing of training and partnership MoU with 7 distinct and major Universities in the United Republic of Tanzania, we have a duty to perform. Access to over 3 million University undergraduates to educate on Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, including undergraduate developers to train in the web3 industry. We, therefore, created a plan for nearly a full calendar year. The plan includes engaging on several fronts, delivering 7000 blockchain professionals and 1000 Blockchain developers, and establishing a community of over 200k on campuses. Starting with a series of brand awareness programs, meetups, workshops, and Bootcamps, ending with a hackathon program and pitch festival.


Partner Universities

  1. University of Dar es salaam: https://www.udsm.ac.tz/

  2. State University of Zanzibar: https://www.suza.ac.tz/

  3. Zanzibar University: http://www.zanvarsity.ac.tz/

  4. Dar es salaam institute of technology: https://dit.ac.tz/

  5. Institute of Financial Management: https://ifm.ac.tz/

  6. College of Business Education: https://www.cbe.ac.tz/

  7. University of Dodoma: https://www.udom.ac.tz/


Other Partners:       

1. Government office, Ministry of ICT.

2. Local hubs such as Ellipsis digital.

3. Private establishments: Inverter network, ICORBP, Threefold, etc.

4. Media Partners: The Citizen, Bitcoin Kenya, Decentralize Africa, etc. 

Contact us for more details on this. You can also check the download page for the comprehensive Syllabus for the developer’s class.