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ICP-Nigeria Campus Bootcamp and Hackathon

Overview of the project

  • The project termed ICP-Nigeria Campus Blockchain Bootcamps and Hackathons entails a tour across 4 Nigerian ICT oriented universities for bootcamp exercise followed by a virtual hackathon and physical pitch events for selected qualified startups. It aims to secure 100+ ICP blockchain developers across Nigerian universities and raise over 1000 community/ecosystem members under 3 months.


  • The project will commence on the 5th of May and finish on the 9th of August 2023.

Project Scope

  • The project include deployment of online self-paced learning platform which will be further developed and used after the completion of the bootcamp and hackathon. The tutorial videos will be prepared to cover the syllabus and uploaded.
  • Complete a 12 days tour and physical orientation across 4 Nigerian Universities with 2-3 days physical session on general introductory courses and blockchain ideation program spread over a period of 2 months.
  • Onboard developers to complete the comprehensive certification courses on the self-paced learning platform. This will be a virtual session and recorded for relearning.
  • Organize a virtual 7 days hackathon geared towards developing and finalizing the MVP.
  • Organize a hybrid 1 day pitch to award the winning startups with grants.

Implementation plan.

The program will be implemented in three different stages which are as follows:

Stage I (Physical): Open day campus tours and workshops. This stage involves a tour across the university campuses to familiarize students with the ICP blockchain network, blockchain technology opportunities, startup ideation, among others in a space of 2 to 3 days. At least 5 startup ideas will be selected after a pre-pitch on campus who would form a complete team prior to the commencement of the bootcamp and hackathon proper.

Stage II (Virtual): The Bootcamp and Hackathon. This stage involves onboarding students on the virtual learning platform where the developers will continue with the training to obtain certification. it is expected to be completed under a maximum of 44 days. The first four weeks will be focused on dev training and then 1 week for the virtual hackathon.

Stage III: Startup Pitch and Grants (Hybrid). This stage involves a 1 day open, general hybrid event to witness the pitch of the selected startup MVPs for a chance to win startup grants.