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Hackathon Africa... Jumpstarting Africa's Digital Transformation

We are aware of the unique educational, skills, among other challenges that the African community faces on a daily basis and are committed to adapting our organization to meet their needs. To jumpstart and in some other cases, to leapfrog African countries on the journey of Digital transformation, we believe Bootcamps and Hackathons are very vital.

Deep Dive into Web2 and Web3.

Hackathon Africa is a deep initiative to foster Web2 and Web3 adoption across Africa. Significantly promoting blockchain and IoT adoption at the early stage from the undergraduate level. It became an understanding that the University curriculum and lecturers are not equipped with the slightest knowledge of the prevailing technology, hence can’t impact the knowledge of the African students. Hackathon Africa’s main objective is to sow the quest for more blockchain knowledge and interest in startups in undergraduates through training, hackathon, and startup competitions. Over the years, the hackathon has been held both virtually and physically, within and outside the University walls.

In situations where Universities are the major focus, the program is held within the walls of the University giving an opportunity for the University staff including department lecturers to participate in the training sessions. Another agenda of the hackathon is to encourage the students were available to write papers on blockchain technology as applicable to their departments as their final-year research projects. These will help in two different ways, ensuring that the need to seek more knowledge continues and also facilitating blockchain regulatory frameworks with proper research papers.

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