How absolute are hackathons

November 10, 2023

How absolute are hackathons

An Inclusive Community of Participants Hackathons often bring together a diverse and inclusive community of people to create, learn, and have fun while solving a common problem, attracting a wide range of participants, including (but not always limited to) software developers, designers, product managers, project managers, innovation managers, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs- Everyone who can take part on a project has a spot in a hackathon.

Some hackathons are open to anyone interested in participating, while others may target specific communities, such as students or women in technology., Participants in External Hackathons Many hackathons also attract sponsors and partners who may provide support, prizes, and mentorship to participants. These sponsors and partners can include technology companies, startups, venture capital firms, and academic institutions. They participate in external hackathons to recruit talent, invest in promising ideas, and build industry relationships.

Hackathons and workshops can both be beneficial for developers, and I would be honest to say the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the real question would be are their disadvantages to something that seems profitable in all ramifications? In truth, there are a few.
Advantages range from -

  • Apt product development
  • Learning and Networking opportunities
  • Prizes and recognition
  • Access to resources

A few of the Disadvantages to share are:

  • Limited project scope
  • Time and resources